Back into a bullet journal! July Flip Through & Video

Hello my friends!

As you may know this, one of my favorite things is planning. For the past few months I’ve been using my Happy Planner and it’s been going great, but I started using a regular bullet journal again. Even though I was happy with my Happy Planner, it’s not always the most portable thing and I needed more space for notes.

July Rhodia

So I bought a Rhodia journal and started using it as a simple bullet journal.

New Bullet Journal

Since I’d decided to start from scratch with a new journal there were a few things necessary for the beginning. An index, of course, a Year at a Glance, and some other features.

July Yearly

My favorite spread is my books read in 2017 spread! It’s so satisfying to see all of the books written out.

July Boooks Read

I also have a few note pages for various things (i.e. NetGalley record and blog ideas).


Here is what my July monthly spread looks like:

July Monthly

Here is a close up of my habit tracker:

July Habits

I found this smaller version of a habit tracker on Pinterest. *Not my own idea.

Here are some examples of what my daily spreads look like:

And that’s it, folks! Going back into a bullet journal has really helped me be more productive and I feel more comfortable using it for everything. Why did I ever leave?

Anyway, thanks for reading!



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