How to keep track of books you own.

One thing I always end up doing while browsing for books is struggle to remember if I already own a book. Luckily, so far, I’ve only accidentally bought another copy of a book once.

So that something like that never happened again, I made a list of books I owned and saved it in my Google Drive so that I could always look at the list when I was out.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I heard about using an Excel document (from a podcast) to keep your books organized. Using an Excel document is great because you can also sort your list in different ways, i.e. author, title, genre, etc.

Below is a draft of my Excel sheet, showing you the number of books, title, author, author gender, genre, audience, read/not read, and rating. 

Now, I can see which books I own that I haven’t read yet. This is a great function if you’re doing a bookshelf challenge (reading all the books you own, that you haven’t read yet).

If you’re curious about how the document works, you can use my example below. Using the arrows next to each heading you can sort the table by author’s name or title or genre. 

In the bottom right-hand corner you can download this document and edit it to use for your own books or view in fullscreen.

How do you keep track of your books?


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*Using an Excel document for book tracking is in no way an original thought. Like I said, I heard about doing this from a podcast (Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next).


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