The Space Between the Stars | Review

The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett

The Space Between the Stars

What would you do if a deadly disease strikes the entire universe and wipes out most of humanity? You could be the only person left on your world or on every world.

Jamie Allenby wakes up after fighting off the disease that has killed billions. Statistics tell her that 0.0001 % of the population should survive, meaning on her tiny planet, she shouldn’t even be alive. When she encounters more and more survivors, Jamie discovers that while she doesn’t know what to do next, she isn’t finished with life.

A beautiful story of survival and what it means to truly live, The Space Between the Stars gives a new twist to the usual apocalypse story.

I really enjoyed this book. It had all the aspects of a typical apocalyptic-survival story plus the added science fiction twist… and I love science fiction. The characters and the story reminded me of a mix between the Joss Whedon show Firefly (my all time favorite television show) and the BBC show Survivors.

This story really digs deep into what it means to live. The different blend of characters really allows the reader to imagine what life would be like for so many different people if some catastrophe happened.

While some readers have said this novel was too slow for them, I constantly found myself picking the book back up wanting to read more. The plot isn’t an “in-your-face” action type and I really enjoyed the slower moving survival story.

If you love science fiction with a side of philosophical thought, then don’t forget to pick this book up!





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