Inferno by Dan Brown | Review

Inferno by Dan Brown

In the fourth installment of his Robert Langdon series, Dan Brown gives his readers a brand new mystery to dive into. Waking up in a hospital in Italy, Robert Langdon has no memory of how or why he is there when he finds a small object in his Harris tweed to unlock the mystery. Using his knowledge of art, history, and symbology, Langdon stumbles upon a madman’s dying wish come to life. With the help of his doctor, Sienna Brooks, Langdon must race against the clock to stop what could be a tragic widespread epidemic.

If you like your fiction filled with suspense and a lot of information, then Dan Brown’s Langdon series is for you. While a lot of the history in his novels is interesting, he can sometimes go a bit overboard with miscellaneous information. I often felt with this book that there was so much superfluous history that I had trouble concentrating on the actual plot.

If you’re a fan of the Tom Hanks adaptations of Dan Brown’s books, I really recommend you read Inferno especially because the ending was vastly different. I can’t say which one I enjoyed more, but the novel’s ending was a much bigger plot twist!

Overall, Dan Brown’s books are a bit silly in that they follow the same pattern with the Harris tweed and the Mickey Mouse watch and even the attractive woman who helps save the day. Still, they are entertaining and a quick read. If you like quick suspense novels, these are for you!

Happy Reading!




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