May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949 the month of May in the United States has been observed as Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is something that every person should care about, it does not just involve mental illness. You may not suffer from a mental illness, but we should all be more aware and have better conversations about mental health and illness. Therefore, this month I am participating in a mini challenge to spread awareness and take some time to take of my own mental health!

(I got this idea from Lauren of Lauren’s Notebook. Go take a look at her lovely blog!)

My mini-challenge for self-care will start on May 14th and be 14 days long. Here’s my list:

  1. Start a gratitude journal.
  2. Enjoy a cup of tea. And relax.
  3. Make a list. On something to be determined at the time. I love lists. (50 things I love, 10 ways to let go, 5 ways to have a better day)
  4. Get rid of things you don’t need. Dedicate time to letting clutter go.
  5. Journal.
  6. Color or be crafty.
  7. Let go of any worries and allow yourself to relax. I inadvertently planned this challenge when I’m heading off for vacation.
  8. Lay on the beach and read.
  9. Go to bed early. For some much needed rest before a full day of work tomorrow.
  10. No television. I personally don’t like how much time I spend watching television. Read more or do some puzzles while listening to some relaxing music.
  11. Payday: save money instead of buying thing’s you don’t need. I do believe in the therapy of shopping, but when I am always spending money, I need to draw back and evaluate.
  12. Share some books about mental health. Sharing some great reads about mental health on the blog.
  13. Indulge in a face mask.
  14. Have a good stretch.


I encourage anyone else to join in this month and set a challenge for your own mental health and spread awareness.





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