April Set-Up // & Video

I have a couple different planner set-ups to share with you all today! I’ve moved back into the normal Happy Planner system (I know, I know, why can’t I make up my mind?) for daily planning, but since it’s so huge with the deluxe cover, I also am planning weekly in my mini Happy Planner when I need something more portable.

Classic Happy Planner

April 3-9

For my usual daily planning I am using my Classic size Happy Planner. This one is one of their older ones (I can’t wait to get one of the new releases!) and I have the white deluxe cover with embossed polka dots. I had originally decided to stop using the Happy Planner because I wanted less structure in my planning, but then I moved back into the system because I wanted more structured planning! HAHA


Mini Happy Planner

April 2017 Mini

In my mini Happy Planner I took out all of the pages that come in it (I still use them though!) and replace them with the grid paper refills. Then I just bullet journal in this planner. I have a monthly spread and some collections, then I use the rest of it for weekly spreads.

Camp NaNoWriMo Planning

Camp NaNo Planning

To track my daily word count and expected word count and so on, I’ve used the mini Happy Planner calendar and inserted it into my classic Happy Planner. So now while I am daily planning I can also plan when I’ll write that day, what I want to focus on, etc.


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3 thoughts on “April Set-Up // & Video

    • beckakw says:

      I always switch between planners because I get easily bored with them. The Happy Planner is tricky to get into, so it helps to try new things with it. I completely understand not liking the layout!

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