Decorating your bullet journal when you’re not an artist.

One thing that I really love about the bullet journal system is the creativity that goes into it. Whether you go for a super artsy layout or minimalist one, it is your own. I, however, do not fall under either of those categories.

Being creative is very important to me. I love to draw and decorate my layouts. I find that it makes them more unique to me and also pushes me to use my bullet journal more consistently. I may love art and being creative, but I am certainly not an artist.

Even still, I’ve found my own ways to make my bullet journal creative and pretty.

Here are 5 ways to decorate your bullet journal when you are not an artist:

1. Stickers. A great way to add color and maybe some direction.


2. Scrapbook paper. I love to add some when I have empty space. With some packs you even gets these “cards” which are great for all of the things!


3. Washi tape. Every bullet journalist loves their washi!

4. Inserts. Using scrapbook paper, cards, notes, etc. are also great for a more unique journal. And you don’t need a disc bound journal either. You can use a paper clip to add an insert in a spiral notebook. Or you can use washi tape to make fold-out inserts in a bound journal.

5. Doodling. Doodling is not the same thing as drawing, therefore, I don’t suck at it. HAHA! I find it a lot easier for myself to doodle when I can look at someone else’s doodle and get a feel of how to draw it.

Also, mandalas are one of the easiest things for me to draw. Are they professional quality? No, but they’re still pretty! And practice makes perfect.

Weather icons are the easiest to doodle and they add a measure of practicality to your decorating!

Here is my first ever doodle with me video!

Thanks for watching!


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