Things I’m loving right now

I hate winter. I hate the cold and I hate snow (I’m so glad it hasn’t snowed a lot here!) and I just miss the sun. I’m equally glad and worried about the mild winter we’ve had so far in Maryland. So, inspired by Anne Bogel’s “What’s saving my life right now” post, here are things that I’m loving right now.

1. Zentangle and doodling. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I really do love to doodle!


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2. Writing. I love escaping into other worlds, ergo bookworm. But it’s also a great escape into my own writing! 

3. Short stories. Specifically I’ve been reading stories from “A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories” by Ray Bradbury. I’ve never read any of his other novels, so I was surprised when I started reading this. I expected his writing to be dry and a bit boring, but I actually love his style!


4. The Walking Dead. Since I’ve just finished the comics, I’m really excited for the rest of the season.

5. Bullet Journaling and organization. Well this is kind of obvious, but I am really enjoying my disc-bound bullet journal.

6. StockSnapDo you know what Stocksnap is? It’s a great site with tons of photos that you can use for free, for whatever you want.

Things I’m looking forward to:

1. The next “The Walking Dead” comic. I need to know what happens next!

2. Making bullet journal videos. I’ll soon be making my own bullet journal videos, which I’m super excited for, especially since they are pretty much what I spend hours watching on YouTube.

3. Sandals! I’m tired of winter shoes. I want to wear sandals again! HAHA!


What are some things you’re loving right now?!





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