Bullet Journal | February Set Up

Hello, Web Wanderers!

Here is my February set up in my bullet journal. I’m keeping it more simple this month, since I’ve just moved into my disc-bound bujo.


On the left page of my monthly spread I keep track of work days, holidays, paydays, and events. I also have a to-do section for the bigger tasks I will absolutely have to do. On the bottom of the page I also write down my word count goal for the month.

On the right side of the page (which is mostly covered by my favorite bookmark!) I have space to write the books I read throughout the month, the posts that I post, and my “must read” book for my reading challenge.


This cactus heart bookmark I made is great for February!

My next spread includes the #planwithmechallenge for Instagram hosted by @tinyrayofsunshine, @prettyprintsandpaper, and @boho.berry. I also have this zentangle page for some fun doodling.


Zentangle is new to my bujo, but I love it!

Finally in my monthly set up I have a “Purchases” page and my February tracker. On the far right side of the tracker there’s a “self-care” tracker to measure sleep, mood, diet, and activity. This is new to me and I need to figure out how to make it better, because it’s just a mess!


I’ve started something new in my tracker, but it’s a mess, so I might get rid of that next month!


My weekly spreads are quite simple. I include each day and the tasks that I plan to do on those days. I also have a weekly tracker, a “currently reading” section, a meal plan, and my word count tracker.




Here are just a few examples of what my daily spreads may look like. I write them in everyday, so there isn’t a lot of pre-planning daily. I also like to doodle and add quotes, here and there.



These time trackers are new to my bullet journal, and I have a bit of trouble keeping up with them.

I recently purchased some new scrapbook paper, so I went crazy and made a whole bunch of dividers and cards! I love this wolf!


Here’s one divider I made with some scrapbook paper.


And there you have my February set up! Happy planning!



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