Bullet Journal | Favorite January Spreads

Hello, all who love organization and lists! Today I am sharing my favorite spreads from January in my bullet journal.


This is a new set up for my monthly. As I had never used this layout before, I didn’t end up having enough space for some things.


My January monthly spread


I used the same weekly format for all of January. I’ve learned this month that I like to have a weekly spread, as well as the option for daily spreads. Having them both allow me to be more organized and more creative!


One of my weekly spreads


I’ve been adding my dailies in everyday as opposed to preplanning them. This has really allowed me to be more creative and I’ve started to doodle more.




I feel the need to specify that the “OH HAPPY DAY” washi refers to Saturday, for the Women’s March, not Friday.


These are just a few examples of how I’ve been incorporating washi tape, doodles, and color into my bullet journal. I do not consider myself to be an artistic person, but I’ve really been pushing myself to be more creative because it’s something that I really enjoy (even if I’m not super great at it).

Do you bullet journal? If you do, leave me a link to your post or instagram, I’d really love to see your spreads!




3 thoughts on “Bullet Journal | Favorite January Spreads

  1. sittingintheclouds says:

    Really like your monthly page with your goals and books you’ve read etc. I just have a monthly calendar then go straight into my weeklys but been wanting to do something similar to you for a while. Great post and inspiration ❤


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