Arcana Rising | Quick Review

Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole


Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy

Rating: ★★★★

Arcana Rising is the fourth book in the Arcana Chronicles Series by Kresley Cole. Without spoiling the entire series for everyone, here’s a quick synopsis of the series:

The Arcana aren’t just the characters on the tarot card deck, they are real life people with one purpose: every game they must kill other Arcana to win. Evie is a young girl who’s always had a weird life. When solar flares kill the earth and most of the human population, she soon realizes that she is one of these Arcana that has been reincarnated over and over. Other characters join the story as Evie and other Arcana try decide if the fight is worth their humanity.

I’ve loved this series from the very beginning and even though I really abhor long series, I keep coming back. The storyline for this series is just incredible and so fresh. I love the originality of the Arcana introduced in the age-old apocalypse story. Yes, there are some serious flaws with this series (love triangles & unnecessary scenes that make it too long), but I will stick with it to the end. I just really think the storyline is fantastic, even if the characters can sometimes be annoying. Also, Kresley Cole has been one of my favorite authors for soooo long. I love her Immortals After Dark series (I re-read those books again and again).

Do you have a favorite author that you just adore (enough to stick with them through thick and thin)? Share them in the comments!


Happy Reading!



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