The Walking Dead, Vols. 1-10 | Review


wd1Hello, friends!

Today I’m going to talk about the Walking Dead graphic novels by Robert Kirkman (specifically volumes 1-10).

I am a huge fan of the TV show and since I also love spoilers, I really have been wanting to read the comics just so I can know which direction the show is going. Even though the show doesn’t follow the books completely, they’re close enough to fill my spoiler craving!

Overall I’m going to give the first 10 books ★★★★.

These books, although centering around a zombie apocalypse, aren’t about the zombies. These books show how ordinary people deal with wd3the end of their world and survive in a cold, hard place. When you hear the phrase “Walking Dead” you think it must refer to the zombies, but Robert Kirkman makes a point
in his books that he is referring to the survivors. They are the walking dead.

Like the show, the comics are very graphic, (ha ha, get it? because they’re graphic novels? heh) as in gory and explicit, if not more so. I’m actually glad they cut certain things out of the show because I don’t know if I could watch a live action torture. Nope.

Zombies are some of my favorite in the post-apocalyptic category of science fiction, but The Walking Dead brings the genre to a higher level. What good is a zombie apocalypse if the reader doesn’t understand how the world reacts. People are diverse and no one can ever wd10know how they will react to something until it happens. We all may want to say that we would be the one to protect others or sacrifice ourselves, but you can never know. These novels are an interesting way to see what’s at the core of human nature.

It’s definitely interesting to read the comics after watching the show. You get used to seeing some characters a certain way and then the books are completely different in that aspect. Some things I’ve read were a shock to me!

The pacing is also so much better to me. They spent too much time in the show getting to where they are now. Although the pacing of the show did allow for additional characters and episodes that I love (i.e. the Eastman episode, unless it’s just out of order).

So even though I don’t read many graphic novels usually, I’ve been really enjoying The Walking Dead. I recommend these for anyone who enjoys apocalyptic literature.

Happy Reading!


(Does anyone else think that people in an apocalypse don’t spend enough time looking for books?!?)



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