Planning in the Happy Planner

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about organization and planning. Previously, I’ve mentioned my love for the Bullet Journal system and how I am DIY-ing my own planner/bujo hybrid. But at the moment I’ve been using the Happy Planner system and have a new found love for planner stickers.


But seriously, stickers.

The planner itself and all specific “Happy Planner” accessories I bought at Michael’s.

I’m normally not the sticker type, but I’ve been really enjoying having them because they help me stay organized and they help to remind me about certain things like bills or appointments.

And while I love the Bullet Journal system and I kind of miss it, I can still use it a bit in the Happy Planner. I can include daily To-Dos like I would normally in the bullet journal and I can still make a daily schedule.

Of course, with any other agenda type product there is an option for notes sections. And since the placement of everything in the Happy Planner is customizable, I have my “note” sections in the front of my planner with sections for Book Notes and Brain Dumps (brainstorming).

Overall, I can’t say that I love the Happy Planner more than the Bullet Journal system, but I really have been having a lot of fun with it. I really enjoy using the stickers to keep track of things and just give my planner a unique and artsy look. the-happy-planner

I also love having all this empty white space for doodles or extra to-dos. 


If you use the Happy Planner, let me know some of your favorite things/tips!

Happy Planning!



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