Dragonfly in Amber | A Review

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon


Genre: historical fiction, romance, sci-fi/fantasy

Rating: ★★★★

The story continues with Claire and Jamie as they travel to France to stop the Bonny Prince Charlie from starting a war he cannot win.

After finishing Outlander I immediately wanted to start reading the next book. Since I watch the show I already knew what would happen, but I really wanted to read the book right away, which shows just how much I really loved Outlander.

Dragonfly in Amber took me a bit longer to read than Outlander mainly because the story is  a bit tedious. The story line in this novel is very different from the first novel. While Outlander focuses more on the relationship between Claire and Jamie and Claire’s focus on returning to her own time, there is a distinct change in tone in Dragonfly in Amber. Claire decides to stay with Jamie in his time, and therefore the second book doesn’t have this indicision. Dragonfly in Amber centers around the history of the time and how Claire and Jamie can change the future.

While the story is a bit more dragging, it is still a wonderful bit of storytelling that just feels real. The Outlander series is easily becoming one of my favorites that keeps me excited to read on. One particular aspect of this series that I love is the combination of genres. It’s not just a historical fiction novel, but a science fiction/fantasy, historical fistion, romance novel. So if you happen to love any of these genres and/or all of them, then this series is for you!

Happy Reading!



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