This Savage Song | A Review

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab


Genre: YA, fantasy/sci-fi, dystopian

Rating: ★★★★ (4.5)

I was so excited to read this book when I first heard of it and of Victoria Schwab’s brilliance when it comes to her novels. Her other series, A Darker Shade of Magic, is one I’m also excited to read, but This Savage Song was available at the library so I snatched it up. The story line of this particular novel was so eye catching that it pulled me in immediately.

The plot follows two characters, Kate, a human who wants to be more like her cold-hearted father and August, a monster who craves being human. They live in two different parts of the same city, Verity. The city itself has been under a truce since the mysterious Phenomenon and monsters have cropped up to destroy everything. However, the truce is close to breaking as more people are being attacked by monsters that the leaders of Verity can’t control. August is sent undercover to the North in order to get close to Kate in case the truce comes to an end. They are thrown together as one is almost killed and the other is framed and they must help each other to survive and learn who is trying so hard to break the truce and start a war.

Both Kate and August are such complex characters and the author develops them so fully throughout the novel. August is such a gentle character when he can’t afford to be in the world that he lives in, but he holds onto what he values even when people try to force him to give them up. Kate wants to seem hard like her father, wants to make him proud of her. But she becomes strong in such a better way.

Schwab, here, gives us such a fresh new take on future dystopian society. I loved how she mixed science fiction (dystopian) with fantasy (monsters). Not only has she furthered my love for science fiction in general, but she has also restored my faith in YA novels. If you love YA fantasy, or even if you don’t, this is definitely one you have to check out. I recommend this for anyone who wants something different, but still loves dystopian novels.

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