Audiobooks | A Discussion

How many people out there love audiobooks?!

I… am not one of them. Although, I’m trying to be.

I find it so difficult to pay attention to audiobooks that I’ll eventually not know what’s going on in whatever I’m listening to. The only time I feel like I actually get the content of the book is when I’m following along in a physical copy. But… they don’t read fast enough for me. I am a speedy reader. I know in some apps you can change the pace of the narration, but not all apps, I’ve noticed, have that feature. Also, it kind of defeats the purpose of listening to an audiobook in the first place.

Even though I’m not usually into audiobooks, I really want to be. I think it would be great to listen to a book while cleaning the house or doing crafts or any other tasks that don’t require too much attention, but I struggle.

I think the only audiobooks I can listen to right now are books that I’ve already read, so rereading Harry Potter has been a lot faster for me!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks they use to pay attention to audiobooks or make listening easier?


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