Angels and Demons | A Review

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Angels and Demons

Genre: mystery, thriller

Rating: ★★★

Angels and Demons is the first of the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown. Langdon is a symbologist at Harvard and is called to CERN, a Swiss research facility, to help decipher clues in a scientist’s death. Langdon uses his knowledge of the Illuminati to follow a killer intent on ruining the Catholic church and all it holds dear.

This is the second Dan Brown book I’ve read (both from the Robert Langdon series) and I’m definitely noticing a pattern. Someone dies, Langdon is called in the middle of the night to use his expert symbology skills to solve the case, enter in attractive female character to help Langdon solve the case. Oh, and of course mention of Langdon’s Harris Tweed jacket, Mickey Mouse watch, tragic near-death experience nearly drowning as a child, great physique due to his time spent playing water polo…

Despite the fact that there was this repetitiveness, I still enjoyed Angels and Demons. It was fast paced and thrilling (I mean the book takes place in only a few hours) and the Illuminati aspect to it was very interesting. I wish there was more symbology and history in this book like there was in The Da Vinci Code, but the content was still pretty good.

Even though I find the character of Robert Langdon a bit laughable, I will finish the series because the stories are just very entertaining and interesting. Is the writing the best, no. But it is entertaining.

Happy Reading!




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