My Bullet Journal (Part 2)

Welcome, Web Wanderers! How was your week?

I love sharing ways that I stay organized and productive. My bullet journal is my number one way to get things done. I’m always looking for new things to incorporate into my bujo in order to help me stay more organized and self-aware. Here are some new things that I’ve added to my journal that have been helping me:

New Weekly Spread: This new weekly spread that I’ve started to use has really kept me organized and I love having a notes section per week. I’ve also really liked having this weekly tracker, even though it’s really showing me how much of a slacker I am.


New Fitness Tracker: I’ve also added a fitness tracker to encourage myself to exercise more and drink more water. It’s certainly a guilt trip seeing that I haven’t exercised in a few days, so I really should.


New Monthly Tracker: I’ve seen these all over pinterest and it’s just a really good way for me to view my habits and learn better ones.


Money Log: A money tracker is not new to me, however, I did add a few features such as the “type” (even though I really only use my debit card). I also added a starting and ending amount to see how much money I actually have. (Yes, I started the month with only a few dollars, I’m poor.)


Reading & Blogging Logs: This also isn’t new to me, but I’ve changed the layout and it’s just something fun.


And that is it for the new things I’ve added to my bullet journal. Happy Organizing!

What is your favorite part of your bullet journal or planner?





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