What I’ve Been Reading Lately (#1)

In a previous post I had decided to stop stressing about reading and just read some fun books. I recently finished City of Heavenly Fire and Lady Midnight both by Cassandra Clare.

I started the Mortal Instruments series a couple of years ago and finished the first five before the last book came out. Since I had to wait for it I kind of forgot about it and never finished. When Cassandra Clare’s new book came out I decided to finish the Mortal Instruments.

I don’t really love the Mortal Instruments series. There are some serious flaws in it that make it an “okay” read. The last book didn’t really change my thoughts on the series as a whole.

City of Heavenly Fire 
by Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly Fire

  • genre: YA, fantasy
  • rating: ★★★

I am only giving the novel three stars because it was just okay. There was nothing truly remarkable about it that makes me want to share it with anyone. The ending did wrap up the series the way I hoped it would.

The Shadow World is such an interesting concept and the first few books of TMI series were good enough to pull me in, but the last few were a bit tedious and I just wanted it to be over. One of my pet peeves is a series that is unnecessarily long. And this series falls into that category.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight

  • genre: YA, fantasy
  • rating: ★★★★

Because I don’t really love the Mortal Instruments series, Lady Midnight wasn’t really high up on my list. I think the deciding factor for me was that the cover is lovely.

With that being said, I surprisingly really enjoyed the book. There was a definite difference in the feel of the book because instead of a newcomer to the Shadow World, we have Emma who is already a Shadowhunter. Emma is such a snarky character, and I loved it. I love the connection between all the series and I loved seeing how Emma grew up from an angry 12-year-old to a confident and often sarcastic 17-year-old.

One element of the story that I really loved was the Blackthorn’s. Their family dynamic didn’t just bring some humor to the novel but also helped develop the characters. Julian isn’t just taking care of his siblings but he is sacrificing everything to keep them together. He makes what he thinks is one of the worst decisions of his life in order to keep it together.

I also really loved the ending. I’m interested to see how it plays out. I’m quite excited for the next book and now I have to wait a year for it. 😦

But anyway, these two were easy reads and now I am prepared to finish the Mistborn trilogy.

I know there are lot of people who adore Cassandra Clare. How do you like her new series?




P.S. This was one of my favorite scenes in City of Heavenly Fire



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