My Bullet Journal (Part 1)

If there is one thing that has always been constant in my life, that is organization.

I’ve always loved planners and notebooks and stationary that helps keep me organized and productive. A couple years ago I came across the Bullet Journal system and started using it.

At first it was a bit confusing with all of the different symbols that are used, but bullet journaling is easily adjustable to what works best for you. So I made it my own.

When I was in college using my bullet journal was the best way I found to manage my time. It helped me figure out how to make sure I got all my work done and still have free time for fun things. Here is how I would plan a week:

school spread

If you know anything about the BuJo system, you can tell that I definitely made it my own. Using the symbols for tasks, finished and unfinished completely disappeared from my bullet journal after a while.

Since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve been struggling to find a new system for me because the system I developed in college no longer works for what I’m doing.

Instead of doing a monthly calendar spread, I’m using a listed monthly calendar because I no longer need to schedule when I’ll go to the library or do homework.

last week 2

This was last week’s spread, something I’ve already decided to change. Which brings me to another great thing about the bullet journal. It is easy to change something you don’t like. Some weeks a whole spread is not necessary or if you decide you don’t actually like the way you’ve been doing something, you can do something different the next week.

Something I’ve added to my bullet journal recently is a spending log and a reading log. It’s really important for me to track my expenses right now, so writing it down here helps mespending and reading (month).jpg keep everything in one place and also keeps me aware of what I’m spending my money on. Keeping track of my reading on a monthly basis is also a good reminder for me to keep up with my reading (especially if I want to reach somewhere near 50 books this year).

I also use my bullet journal to keep track of my blog posts. Writing two posts a week is easier said than done. Using my bullet journal to plan out time that I’ll work on my posts has really pushed me to be a better blogger. I like having a place to plan my posts, brainstorm, and take notes all in one book.

Here’s a list of what I use:


Here are some pins, insta accounts, and bloggers that I get bujo inspiration from:


Do you use a bullet journal? What are your favorite things about it? Do you have any useful tips? Let me know!




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