10 Things I’d Want if I Were on a Deserted Island

It’s Tuesday once again and that means that I will be sharing 10 things with you all today. So here are 10 things I’d want if I were on a deserted island:

(food, water, and shelter are already taken care of, of course)

  1. A journal and pen to capture my thoughts.
  2. The Harry Potter series so I’ll have something to occupy my time.
  3. An unlimited supply of Reese’s Eggs because they’re my favorite.
  4. A hammock to feel those island vibes and have some place to sit while reading.
  5. The ability to start a fire. Enough said.
  6. Bananagrams, you can play that by yourself!
  7. After-sun lotion because I burn easily. Although, sunscreen is probably a better option…
  8. Either the entire GoT or Outlander series because I’ll finally have the time to read it.
  9. Some type of music listening device with the following music: London Grammar, M83, Coldplay, The Jezabels, Florence + the Machine, Wye Oak, Hozier, Sam Smith, and Adele. This is kind of a weird mix, but yeah…
  10. A way of the island when I’m ready to re-enter the world. I only said I was on the deserted island, not that I was stranded on it. Haha!

What are some things you’d want if you were on a deserted island?




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