10 Things Tuesday: 10 Bookish Goals

Happy Tuesday, Web Wanderers and all those who love books!

This Tuesday I want to share with you 10 of my long-term book goals. These are just ten book-related goals that I would like to accomplish in my life.

  1. My primary goal is to finish a novel. I love to write (and since I’m an introvert I just communicate better in writing) and I would love to share a story that I imagined with the world.
  2. I want to be well-read. I would love to be able to carry a conversation with people who reference Slaughterhouse-Five or Tolstoy or “Young Goodman Brown” or any piece of literature that is deemed important (and even those that aren’t).
  3. To own the entire Harry Potter series. *Gasp* That’s right. I don’t own the entire series. I’m still missing The Goblet of Fire.
  4. I really just want the illustrated editions of Harry Potter. They’re beautiful.

    [Photo from Amazon]

  5. Of course every bookworm’s goal: to have my own library. I mean like a legit, every wall covered with books, library.
  6. To become a more critical reader. While I do love to just enjoy a book, I also want to be reading with a critical mind and not just reading what everyone else is.
  7. I’d really love to work with books in some way. I worked at the campus library while I was in college and it was my favorite thing.
  8. To use all of the notebooks and journals that I buy because I need to get my money’s worth. I have a problem.
  9. Read more non-fiction. I struggle so bad with reading non-fiction. Who knows if I’ll ever finish Quiet by Susan Cain.
  10. And finally, to read more. Like a hundred pages a day. Fo’ real.

And maybe also to take beautiful pictures of my books.

What are some of your long-term bookish goals?



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