10 Things I Loved While Camping

This past weekend I went camping with my sister (check out her blog) and her friend at Shenandoah National Park. Here is a list of ten things that I enjoyed doing while camping:

  1. Sleeping in a tent. Even though it was freezing one night, I love sleeping in a tent and getting away from technology.
  2. Campfires! (Especially the Campfiresong Song from Spongebob)
  3. Eating delicious food cooked over a campfire.
  4. Eating S’mores. ‘Nough said.
  5. Reading the reads.
  6. Taking pictures of my book


  7. Hiking (more like a love/hate thing). We hiked to the the highest point in Shenandoah.
  8. Eating snacks (these fig bars are delicious and the perfect snack for reaching the high point of a hike)
  9. Taking pictures. The views were spectacular!

10. Taking selfies (’cause why not?)


I really enjoyed getting away from everything this past weekend and I really enjoy sharing with you all the things I love to do while camping!


Here are my top five favorite(ish) books. (It’s so hard choosing favorite books!)

Who else loves camping?! What are you’re favorite things to do when you’re away from technology?

10 Bookish Facts About Me


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