Persuasion and the Da Vinci Code

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Today I’ll be discussing two books that have been on my to-be-read list for a while. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while because I love the movie and I wanted to see how the book compared. Persuasion hasn’t always been on my list but I’ve recently been hearing a lot about it on Goodreads and also on Anne Bogel’s podcast: What Should I Read Next?. So here are books 6 and 7 for my 2016 reading challenge (and a few words from the meritorious Jane Austen):

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid. 

-Jane Austen

6. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

  • genre: suspense, thriller, mystery
  • rating: ★★★★


Snapchat-527257561175284947The Da Vinci Code follows the character of Robert Langdon as he investigates the murder of a man who is really big in Langdon’s field of symbology, and more specifically the symbology of the sacred feminine.  While the French police believe that Langdon is Sauniere’s murderer, Sauniere’s granddaughter Sophie knows that the museum curator is actually seeking Langdon to help Sophie uncover a secret. The book is a combination of fact and fiction to create a great plot.

Since I knew a bit about the controversy following the book I had a few expectations that were not positive. While reading I did feel that at some points that Dan Brown was trying to prove that he’s smart. There were a few random facts thrown in that were a bit irrelevant and made him seem like a know-it-all. However, it does not take away from the story. It was fast-paced and suspenseful and very exciting. I liked the book far more than the movie. Langdon’s character was much more likable and the ending was so much more satisfying.

Quotes I liked:

“Jesus was the original feminist.”

“‘My point exactly,’ Langdon said. ‘Religious allegory has become a part of the fabric of reality. And living in that reality helps millions of people cope and be better people.’

‘But it appears their reality is false.’

Langdon chuckled. ‘No more false than that of a mathematical cryptographer who believes in the imaginary number ‘i’ because it helps her break codes.’

Sophie frowned. ‘That’s not fair.'”

7. Persuasion by Jane Austen

  • genre: romance, comedy
  • rating: ★★★ (maybe something between 3 and 4, I can’t decide)

Snapchat-1408086060561153525This was my first Austen novel. Since I love pretty much any Pride and Prejudice movie I’ve always wanted to read it, but I decided to start with the shorter Austen novel because her writing is a bit intimidating. I had heard quite recently that Persuasion was one of Austen’s novels that deserved more hype. Going into it I expected a beautiful romance between the Anne and Captain Wentworth like I’ve seen with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

The first few chapters of Persuasion made me a bit uneasy as they were slow and went completely over my head. I continued on hoping it would get better. It did, but there was hardly any mention of Wentworth, just a few passing comments here and there. But I did really enjoy the interaction between Anne and the other characters. When Wentworth was finally introduced there wasn’t a lot of interaction between him and Anne, he pretty much avoided her. When something finally happens between them, it’s within the last 50ish pages. He writes Anne a beautiful letter that almost makes up for the rest of the novel. Almost.

Overall I felt like Anne was the nicest person anyone could ever meet and she kindly pines for Wentworth, but doesn’t do anything except talk to other people and Wentworth notices what she says. I read Persuasion in the hope that it would be a nice romance between the two, and was mostly disappointed on that front. However, the interactions between the other characters were delightful and kept me reading.

Quotes I liked:

“There they returned again into the past, more exquisitely happy, perhaps, in their reunion, than when it had been first projected; more tender, more tried, more fixed in a knowledge of each other’s character, truth, and attachment; more equal to act, more justified in acting.”

“and she went to her room, and grew steadfast and fearless in the thankfulness of her enjoyment.”

Both of these books took me less time to read than the others that I’ve read this year, which is great because I need to catch up in order to finish 50 books this year!

The next book I’m reading is Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I’m already about 100 pages in and I already love it!!

What else should I read this year?


Check out my favorite book cover and my favorite book’s cover! 😉



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