“What are your plans after graduation?”

If there is one question that I can’t stand right now, it’s this one. Nearly every person I interact with asks me about my plans after graduation. I’m getting kind of tired of telling people “Um… I don’t know.”

Being a December graduate in a ridiculously small college pretty much guarantees that everyone will ask you about graduation, and plans, and where you’re going to live, and…

On top of that, if you’re also a good student then people except you to do something wonderful (like try to find a job in your field). Then comes the look when you tell them that (a) you won’t be getting a job in your field (because you just don’t want to) and (b) you’ll probably work in retail for the time being.

And you know what. I am totally ok with my plans. I have no idea what I want to do (career wise) and I have no money (being that I just graduated from COLLEGE with a lot of DEBT). So working in retail until I figure out what I want to do is just fine with me.

So for all those people who are going to ask me about my plans after graduation:

I am planning to sleep and work and read and eat and live.




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